Research papers smoking bans

research papers smoking bans

Gonzalez. These bans also contributed to the prevention of smoking uptake among children and young people by reshaping the perceived social acceptability of smoking. Conflict of interest statement None declared. One explanation is that prior experience with one's family having home essay on right use of leisure time smoking restrictions and concern about children being exposed to SHS may make an individual more open to having increased smoking restrictions. Br J Soc Psychol. In addition, we did not assess details regarding the nature of the home dwelling for these college students (i.e. This group represents a wide range of smoking patterns among the general population and particularly among college students.

Effect of restrictions on smoking at home, at school, and in public
College student reactions to smoking bans in public, on campus and
A prospective investigation of the impact of smoking bans

Household smoking bans: which households have them and do they work?, Prev Med, 2003, vol. PMC free article, pubMed. Students who consented were directed to the survey.

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People will adjust, and it will be fine again. In this study, we explore the TC policies in China by examining the role of individual-level factors in the effects of TC policies. When you have to go outside to smoke, you won't smoke as much. As per WHO recommendations, China should enforce the law in a more overwhelming manner, in the way of implementing comprehensive smoke-free legislation (i.e., ban smoking rooms, without exceptions promoting local TC legislation, and running more educational campaigns. All participants received a gift (RMB 5) as a monetary incentive for participation. Thus, the differences in student body populations are not solely attributable to socioeconomic status.

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