Life without water essay in english

life without water essay in english

water is there for use which is available in the form of Ground water, Glacier, Rivers and Lakes etc. Most of which is trapped in glaciers and snowfields, only.007 water is drinkable out of all water available of the earth. Among the various diseases, kidney stones are common. Actually useful water is available only.5, other is Ocean water that cant be used. We can save water by not using washing machines to clean clothes. Without making delay it is needed to repair all leakage in house to prevent unnecessary water loss. To Protect our natural eco system from further damage and to escape the earth from situation of global warming we are highly require to conserve water and maintain its quality by not adding chemicals or garbage into. The same way we can save water by taking bath with help of bucket and mug instead of a shower. You might like to read. Let us know in comments how you can save water or what you have done already. Water is the source of life, but we humans fail to recognize its importance.

10 Lines on / Sentence About Save Water in English. Forest trees can be planted either on government land or tree-based agriculture brought in on farm land. Apart from this, water is needed in industrial units, production units, and agricultural sector. What are the Solutions to Conserve Water?

Introduction, the biggest problem of global warming is undoubtedly a huge water depreciation on earth which is mainly caused due to misuse of water all over the planet. Potable water means the water considered as safe enough for human consumption is needs to be saved for our future prospects. When the heat is high and you have to undertake intensive exercises, it is even more important to drink plenty of water. If you are looking for the Hindi version then kindly scroll down.

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Water covers about 71 space on the earth, still there is research paper materials and methods a huge water shortage in world. First we need to start from our daily routine life. Instead of using bucket, washing the car with pipe is always the bad choice in matter of water saving. Subscribe to our Channel too. Introduction, water is the precious substance on the earth for all living beings. The majority of mankind loves to eat fishes even if they avoid eating meats. Various Steps for Social Awareness, in current time everywhere people are talking about shortage of water resources, depletion of ground water level, drought in many part of world and implementation of rain water harvesting etc. As we know that 71 area of earth is covered by water but the fact is only.5 is left as useful for living being thus it is the prime need of us to understand the importance of water to the sake of our future. Water is as much needed for the survival as air in atmosphere. To spread awareness about save water save life various countries are organizing different events and programs.

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