Holdredge thesis limestone

holdredge thesis limestone

roughly eight miles long and three miles wide. Earl MacDonald, for their permission to make a geologic map of the quarries. A light plane table and a Brunton compass were used in determining locations. Robotham of the Mining Department of the Riverside Cement Company has made many helpful suggestions. The highest and lowest point in the area are 2000 feet and 900 feet respectively, the relief in general averages less than this.

The material was first used for cement, road metal, and sugar refining. The purpose of the present investigation was to study the general geology and determine the origin of the minerals associated with the limestone and the other rooks of the area. This report describes the work done in an area roughly seven square miles in extent. The underbrush is not thick and is burned over in a large part. The hills to the east of the quarries were mapped on a portion of the.S.G.S. Quarrying operations were started at Crestmore some seventeen years ago. Besides the fact that the climate is of the semi-arid type, common for Southern California, this particular district is the center of strong winds.

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Mineralogical interest was first aroused when a specimen of blue calcite with monticellite and xantophyllite were sent. In the summer the prevailing winds come from the coast thru Santa Ana Canyon. This range parallels the front of the San Gabriel Mountains and rises above the flood plain of the Santa Ana River in the manner of a typical "inselberg". The mapping done in the Crestmore quarries was on a scale of 1 100 on a map kindly furnished by the Riverside Cement Company. The quarries offer an excellent opportunity to collect fresh samples. He wishes to thank the officials of the Riverside Cement Company. San Bernardino Quadrangle, originally of the scale of 1:62500, but which was photographically enlarged to a scale of 1:31260. Near the cement plant the rocks have been covered with dust and have been glazed in such a manner that recognition of rock types is often rendered difficult. Rene Engel under whose supervision this work was conducted.

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holdredge thesis limestone

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