Essay on gilli danda in punjabi language

essay on gilli danda in punjabi language

ground while the other end is in the air. Belknap, Harvard University Press. If the fielder is successful, the striker is out; if not, the striker scores one point and gets another opportunity to strike. If a fielder from the opposing team catches the gilli, the striker is out. Nepali, it is known as, dandi Biyo. The boy on left is about to strike the gilli with the danda, while the one on right is fielding. The player then uses the danda to hit the gilli at the raised end, which flips it into the air. Read more, collins Reference Catalogue 2019, view our new 2019 reference catalogue.

If the gilli lands on the ground, the fielder closest to the gilli has one chance to hit the danda (which has to be placed on top of the circle used) with a throw (similar to a run out in cricket). 7)  If the batsman is unable to strike the gilli in 3 continuous chances, the batsman is out.

It can be played between two teams or two individuals as well). 6) If the batsman strikes the gilli birth essay process which no fielder is able to catch, then the danda is used to measure the distance from the circle to the point where gilli fell. While it is in the air, the player strikes the gilli, hitting it as far as possible. The Hindi writer Premchand wrote a short story named "Gilli-danda" in which he compares old simple times and emotions to modern values and also hints at caste inequalities in India. After the gilli has been struck, the opposing players need to return to the circle or, in the best case, catch it in mid-air without its hitting the ground this was believed to have later evolved into a Catch Out in cricket and baseball. Jump to navigation, jump to search " p?title_ oldid383496 ". To start the game, a small circle is drawn and the player who is on strike stands inside the circle and balances the gulli on a stone (similar to see-saw but is should be placed in the manner so that one end of gulli touches. The distance is measured in terms of the length of the danda, or in some cases the length of the gilli. Kitti Pul, in Bengali as, danguli, in Kannada as, chinni Dandu, in Marathis. Tipcat in English, Itti Dakar in, sindhi, Dandi-Biyo ( ) in Nepali, guli-badi ( ) in Odia (regional variations dabalapua and pilabadi in Phulbani and guti-dabula in Balasore ) alak-doulak ( ) in Persian, dnggli in Bengali, Tang Guti ( ) in Assamese, chinni-kolu. Skills, gilli danda improves the skills like hand and eye co-ordination, judgement, calculation etc. There are no specific dimensions of gilli danda and it does not have limited number of players.

Gilli danda Indian Traditional Games

essay on gilli danda in punjabi language