Good and bad drivers essay

good and bad drivers essay

is the most important factor in keeping driving from being a cinch. The excerpts below outline the mental make-up of various types of poor drivers, who should ideally be taken right off the road until their weaknesses are corrected.

If they develop normally, they become more social; that is, their interests spread out and away from the self, and they see things more and more in the light of public good. Road Rage 887 words - 4 pages than twice the energy of a crash at 40mph. He looked over his right shoulder, and took his eye from the road. All blond women are dumb. Boasting that he can drive just as well after a drink or two. Suppose he misses. His good attitude and sound actions reflect his mental and emotional maturity. Although he didnt mean any harm, the Puerto Rican girl resented the ople think that all women are bad drivers and never trust their driving. So it is not surprising that the power of the automobile is a source of thrill. All babies are normally self-centered. In the essay by Judith Ortiz Cofer, The Myth of the Latin Woman: I Just Met a Girl Named Maria, the young man called the lady Maria but he did it out of the innocence. Good sportsmanship is found in people who show fairness, courtesy and reasonableness.

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