Capital punishment is morally wrong essay

capital punishment is morally wrong essay

the most barbaric form of punishment? Relativism believes that capital personal statement first paragraph punishment is both moral and immoral. The Supreme Court of the United States provided two reasons for capital punishment: retribution and deterrence. Pain like this is shocking and the victims family holds onto the hope that the execution of the murderer will bring relief and closure. Vref1 titleDetermining The Morality Of Capital Punishment Philosophy Essay m dateNovember 2013 accessdate locationNottingham, UK Reference Copied to Clipboard. Our natural rights as humans, which cannot be taken away by the government, include the right to life. If we examine some arguments presented from both sides, opponents of the capital punishment claim that executing someone is nothing more than an immoral, state-authorized killing which undervalues the human life and destroys our respect for our government which itself says that killing is wrong. This blind concern for consequences and ignoring the minority view is what makes utilitarianism a flawed theory. The utilitarianism theory would view capital punishment as moral. Another issue brought up by death penalty critics is a jury and judge can never be 100 percent positive that the trial was accurate.

capital punishment is morally wrong essay

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On the other hand, Deontologists can view capital punishment as moral by saying that it is only natural for the families of the victims to seek retribution for the loss of life, that the punishment fits the crime. The individual who commits the crime does so out of self-interest, even if it merits capital punishment. Another possible solution might be to start introducing stricter disciplines from the bottom up,.e. My personal opinion of the capital punishment is that it is a just punishment for the crime committed but should be banned because it is immoral and life in prison offers an alternative punishment that can obtain the same goals. They believe that prison life would continually punish a criminal for years and years, with death as the only release. The majority of the time lethal injection and the electric chair were used. Start with disobedient children at schools through teenage and adult hooligans. False imprisonment would contribute to killing another innocent. It is a consequentialistic theory of morality.

In deontological terms, nothing is gained by substituting the violation of one type of right (the right to life) with that of another (the right to liberty). This form of punishment is usually perceived in the United States as being reserved for crimes such as aggravated murder, felony murder, and contract killing, but in reality the application of capital punishment varies widely. But this is still not the whole answer. Since all three criteria combined is wrong, the act is immoral. The death penalty does not guarantee safety for innocent victims, it does not follow the goals and promises of our nation, it does not effectively deter crime, and it does not give closure to victims families. The execution of a person is cruel, and even lethal injection has not been proven to be painless. The sentence of putting a convicted criminal to death could actually be killing an innocent person.

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