Amy chua sunday times essay

amy chua sunday times essay

Chinese children are more likely to succeed than Western children. The stories of Xerxes include him desecrating temples and sanctuaries, killing priests, and enslaving subjects. Ask our professional writer! At last in the final passage (line 176-181) she concludes her article by creating pathos. Cyrus the Great found the Achaemenid empire. For example, when I stated that practicing to receive straight As is better than forcing them upon a child, a person who reads this sentence could completely disagree with my statement, because they may have not been raised to believe my theory. Throughout her upbringing she has been raised by Chinese methods. The eventual downfall of the empire is believed to be because of the increasing brutality and repression of the last kings provoking violence. Reader: Parents from the Western World, who are also readers of The Wall Street Journal.

amy chua sunday times essay

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Upon that note, I believe that Chinese parents, even though they have a great mentality, are too strict. Amy Chua discusses the different examples of hyper powered that were present in world history. By using a metaphor, she makes it clear to the reader, how horrible the parents reaction is going. In line 121, once again she uses a metaphor drilling each of her hands. However I must conclude that in my opinion Amy Chua is far too strict to her children, and while I agree with some of her points such as that western parents shouldnt tip-toe around certain matters I strongly disagree with most of her other points.

Getting straight As takes time. Homeworkwrite out the 3 (or more)"tions you will use in tomorrows essay. I believe a potential problem that my conclusions portrayed is that they are under my perception.

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