Te other wes moore essay desicions

te other wes moore essay desicions

he did not meet those expectations. A student who works hard and is dedicated to their studies will succeed. Military school also provided Wes with male role models to look up to and provide him with guidance and advice. The author chooses to turn his life around while the Other Wes Moore decides to keep heading down hill. The author Wes Moore does not have the discipline for not going to his designated classes. At the military school, Wes eventually gets used to his new surroundings and is mentored and coached by others who expose him to opportunities he probably would not have encountered in his old neighborhood back home in the Bronx. Those choices determine the type of human being an individual becomes and their fate. He did not just do it for himself; he did it for the other Wes Moore, too. More Essay Examples. Wes decides that he wants to do something more with his life than sell drugs.

The situation got so bad that Marys grandparents had to step in and help raise her younger siblings. The book begins with a discussion of their fathers; the author Wes Moore, although for a short time in his life, had a loving father who was involved and active. The person who decides to text and drive is enabling himself or herself to potentially end another human beings life. I decided to make that decision and start the book. The Other Wes Moore Assignment Essay introduction. The other Wes Moore however, was not raised with high expectations. Temptation surrounds the school system and it cannot escape from. Joy was determined to provide the same for her three children, going as far as moving in with her parents and working multiple jobs to allow her children to go to private school instead of the failing public schools of the Bronx. Suddenly eight students at the military school pick up Wes bed and flings him onto the hard ground. The other Wes Moore, however, had an alcoholic father who was absent his entire life, not bothering to get involved with his son.

te other wes moore essay desicions

It is expected of everyone to make some mistakes, in my opinion the main influence on their choices came from their environment. Get help on The Other Wes Moore Assignment Essay on Graduateway Huge assortment.