About community helpers essay in english

about community helpers essay in english

The importance and benefits of human interdependencies religion critique essay in society also highlighted. Teachers often explain new knowledge, write on a blackboard or whiteboard, sit behind their desks on chairs, help students with their work, or mark students' work. Retrieved from " ". A good teacher serves his country and society with giving better education to his students. In morning, most of us like to sip a cup of tea with news paper. Our helpers can be classified in 2 categories: Direct Helpers, indirect Helpers.

Freedom to move everywhere without fear of being looted. Safety from terrorists, and many more. Feel free from our home, when we are away for holidays. Theft control, safety from anti social elements and criminals. The news paper hawker delivers this news paper door to door before we get up early in the morning without bothering good or bad weather. With the type of work he does, becomes a direct or indirect helper for others in society. We must feel proud of them and their spirit for patriotism should be saluted by every countryman.

These dependencies and requirements generate relations of friendship, neighborhood and love in society. As we can't bring all of our required goods from their origin source like new paper from press, vegetables from farms, packed food from factories and can't do all works ourselves like securing our society, school, offices at their gate, prescribing medicine while illness and. A teacher is a person who helps people to learn. Some teachers teach adults in more advanced schools (for example, colleges and universities ). They 1946 paper action research and minority problems will know about our direct and indirect helpers and why do we need them.

There are many more helpers we have in our society such as barber to get our haircut, a tailor stitches our clothes, carpenter makes or repairs our furniture and a cobbler mends our shoes while the porter helps us to carry heavy loads. He either starts some occupation or does a job. Doctor Nurse, a doctor is the life giving personality. So we need persons who can do these jobs for.

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