Geothermal energy term paper

geothermal energy term paper

continents. In the beginning when the solar system was young, the earth was still forming, things were very different. The Romans took advantage of this and built bathing places. This geothermal power plant is advantageous compared to the flash steam and dry steam power plants because it requires slightly cooler water (as low as 57C (135F) to heat a separate fluid (binary fluid) that has a lower boiling point. Some geothermal power plants utilize steam to directly turn the turbine. Geothermal electricity production does bear the brunt of low thermal efficiency rates. Wrapping around the outer core is a layer called the mantle. Utilizing geothermal energy to generate electricity is a considerably new industry, which manifested in 1904 in Italy. This concept is pretty much comparable to other thermal power plants that use alternative sources of energy other than geothermal. The steam turns the turbine, which turns a shaft connected to a generator. The production well extracts steam with a temperature of at least 150C (300F) from the hot water reservoir below and directs it to the turbine.

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The conversion of geothermal energy into electricity occurs through a geothermal power plant. Approximately 4000 miles underneath the surface of the earth, this phenomenon called geothermal energy is produced deep inside the earths core. The earths crust is split into numerous parts known as plates. The people of that time did this by creating turbine generators, which harnessed the energy in the steam. It is in these areas that volcanoes are prevalent.

It wasn't until the 19th century that geothermal energy was used for other types of power like electricity. A lot of American geothermal power plants are spread across California, while the rest are located in Hawaii, Nevada, Utah, Idaho and Montana. The slow decay of radioactive material continually generates extremely high temperatures inside the earth.

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