Dylan klebold essay in columbine

dylan klebold essay in columbine

alternates between the planning and the aftermath to show the reader how the plan worked and what the outcome was. Another micro reason is that the pair had a mental illness. A micro reason is that it was said that both Klebold and Harris were isolated from the rest of their classmates, which made them feel helpless, insecure and depressed as well as a need for attention. The family moved from Plattsburgh, New York to Littleton Colorado, in July 1993, when Wayne Harris retired from military service. As well as that it is said that males above or even under18 years of age are taught how to use guns, probably even by their parents. This will give the environment a lot more security and people wont need to be afraid. Creative Writing teacher Judith Kelly's written statement to Columbine investigators. Air Force transport pilot called Wayne Harris and His mum was a Housewife. Klebold was hurting inside while Harris wanted to hurt people, Special Agent Fuselier, the FBIs lead Columbine investigator said.

dylan klebold essay in columbine

Dylan skipped their 4th period Creative Writing class. Their teacher, Judith Kelly, noted in her report to police after the shootings (posted below) that Eric had never missed her class before that time. Dylan Klebold took part in the massacre. Columbine, high School, his mother, Susan, klebold, finally talks. Dylan Klebold s journals, sketches, guns, bombs, crime scene photos.

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Both students were average people with normal lives. You can find copies of the pages below, excerpted from the. Unfortunately every time the American government have taken action it is mostly for the worse. Due to this they are often labelled and get little respect from their peers or elders, this can be related to crime as they feel as if there is no alternative but to steal the possessions they want in order to stop being labelled. There are many macro and micro reasons. It was a fictional piece where in a lone gunman goes on a killing spree.

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