Essay on being a great leader

essay on being a great leader

I understand this to be a fault grounded in impatience; I am impatient at times and instead of treating people with the kind of intelligence that I know is needed at the moment, I can rush into making decisions on the. Start writing your essay. Essay Prompt, are you naturally a leader or a follower? Writing an essay on a great leader may be a daunting task. Also another trait of a good leader is that they always keep promises they make. Research on the chosen Aspect. I can easily place myself in their shoes. . Move on with your instincts, you will often be right. Then once this knowledge is gained, one can begin to regulate ones actions, be aware of ones moods and plan accordingly. .

Leadership includes many steps such as: having a clear vision and being able to share it effectively with the followers. If praise is given to you, make sure that other members involved in the project receive their fair share of the credit and as the leader accept the blame. The better others feel about their contributions, the more likely theyll want to help you again. To successfully write this types of essays, therefore, you need to follow some steps.

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Proofread your essay, this is the time when you correct grammatical issues, syntactical oversights, omission and commission errors. Colin Powell once said, Its easier to get forgiveness than permission. Share the credit and shoulder the blame. Acknowledge the work and accomplishments of seniors, fellow workers, and others. An evidence-based essay is one that uses peer reviewed journal articles and books to justify assertions and draw conclusions. Remember: do not add any new ideas on the culmination/conclusion. Just relax, take time to consult others, and be flexible. I think there is a great deal of wisdom in this idea because ultimately we are responsible for ourselves and we need to be accountable for our actions. . He should have a high degree of influence on others and the ability to organize a group of people to achieve a common goal. Some of the subtle attributes of a good leader are that they do not hide behind bad news. So one has to know himself in order to really be responsible. .