Essay on plate boundaries

essay on plate boundaries

molten lava and ash spew out. You see, even though neither plate is actually being subducted on two of the convergent plate boundaries, one plate is pushed a bit under the other normally. Scientists believe that the North and South American plates are moving connotation denotation essay westward at approximately two to three centimeters per year. This may lead you to question, where did all of the old crust go (Fowler p478). This, by the way, happens at all of the convergent boundaries. What did you learn about your community? Eventually, Pangaea split into two land masses, Laurasia to the north and Gondwanaland to the south. Neither plate is subducted into the mantle. Plate tectonics specifically for you for only.38.9/page, order now, we will write a custom essay sample on Plate tectonics specifically for you. These are strike-slip, normal, and reverse. These faults usually form at transform boundaries (Twiss p538).

Usually when a fault happens, an earthquake occurs. The mid ocean ridges are going right into the trench.

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We can use the magnetic information to prove that the plates are moving, and we can also determine that new crust is being formed and that the old crust was erased in a continuous process that has been going on ecu thesis copyright for all of Earths past. Plate tectonics is made up of the study the motion and change in the Earths crust. The lava forms and cools and the magnetic minerals align with the North Pole. The formation of the new crust pushes the two plates apart, this is apparent in the mid-ocean ridge, which helps to move Europe and North America further and further apart. We know that these boundaries exist because of their motions. In a few short years, Wegeners theory was denied. Wegener was not the first one to realize that the continents looked like they could fit together because Magellan and other early explorers noticed this also. The crust is made up mainly of alumino-silicates (Fowler p472). Shear forces can cause rocks to slip past each other (Historical perspective). The study of Plate tectonics is accredited to most of the creations of Mountain Ranges, the drifting of continents, earthquakes, and volcanic activity. The rock basalt contains a lot of magnetic minerals called magnetite. However, the plate tectonic theory really started to begin in 1915 when Alfred Wegener proposed the theory of continental drift.

essay on plate boundaries

Along these boundaries, lava spews from long fissures and.
When two plates come together, it is known as a convergent boundary.
The impact of the two colliding plates buckles the edge of one or both plates.