Essays on the hot zone

essays on the hot zone

virus in the outskirts of Washington,. The gory, horrific deaths of Charles Monet, Nurse Mayinga, and Peter Cardinal set the reader on edge in anticipation and dread of what will happen if the virus at Reston jumps into the human population. One of the obvious indicators of the fear is the setup of the Level 4 Hot Zones and the numerous procedures and policies in effect for anyone entering one. I thought the book was also very educating. The outside world is separated from the Hot Zone by a "gray area" that is considered neither sterile nor hot. The author does not create the story around any one main character so Ill just list every character I can remember from the book. Theoretically, an airborne strain of Ebola could emerge and circle the world in about six weeks. Summary: This is a true story.

essays on the hot zone

The Hot Zone essays We don t really know what Ebola has done in the pas t, and we don t know what it might do in the future. (p.49) According to Eugene.

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The disease was a Marburg Strain. He started going into shock. But four people had been exposed to the virus and surprisingly they all lived they later realized that the virus must have mutated so it would not harm humans but if it mutated again and could effect humans it would be devastating. These are all level-four hot viruses. This strain of Marburg was called Ebola Sudan for were it was found.