The glass menagerie theme of escape essay

the glass menagerie theme of escape essay

in our lives. She harbors a social awkwardness and is oblivious to the society in which she lives, almost "extinct in the modern world" (Arp, Johnson, and Perrine 1200). Vref1 titleThe Glass Menagerie Escaping From Reality English Literature Essay m dateNovember 2013 accessdate locationNottingham, UK Reference Copied to Clipboard. In Tennessee Williams' play, The Glass Menagerie, each member of the Wingfield family has their own fantasy world in which they indulge themselves. That organization was his savor from suffocation and a ticket to the life of adventure. Thus, the fact that the play exists at all is a testament to the power that memory can exert on peoples lives and consciousness. Unlike her children, she is partial to real-world values how to write a good college history paper and longs for social and financial success. The promise of escape, represented by Toms missing father, the Merchant Marine Service, and the fire escape outside the apartment, haunts Tom from the beginning of the play, and in the end, he does choose to free himself from the confinement of his life. Malvoli the Magician was an act that Tom would often see when he went to the movies every night.

Reading The Glass Menagerie, Tennessee Williams uses this escape theme to move the play forward.
Each character, Laura, Amanda, Tom and Jim all have their own way to escape the entrapment in their Hard knock life.
I think that the fire escape symbolizes the source of escape.

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Ask our professional writer! To Laura, her home is a safe haven from a society she has failed to fit into. The story that the play tells is told because of the inflexible grip it has on the narrators memory. Each member of the Wingfield family is unable to overcome this difficulty, and each, as a result, withdraws into a private world of illusion where he or she finds the comfort and meaning that the real world does not seem to offer. Amandas great hope was that Laura would graduate from a business college and pursue her career, but once she finds out that Laura was too shy even to attend classes, she pins all her hopes on finding Laura a husband. Tom faces death by emotional and spiritual suffocation if he does not find away out of the house. As imperfect or dull as life may seem, resorting to illusion and fictional escapes turns out to be a disabling. Tom, like his father, felt that his home life was suppressing his true desires for adventure. The Theme of Escape in The Glass Menagerie. The Glass Menagerie identifies the conquest of reality by illusion as a huge and growing aspect of the human condition in its time. The Impossibility of True Escape, at the beginning of Scene Four, Tom regales Laura with an account of a magic show in which the magician managed to escape from a nailed-up coffin. Amandas retreat into illusion is in many ways more pathetic than her childrens, because it is not a willful imaginative construction but a wistful distortion of reality.