The crucible characters essay

the crucible characters essay

presence of trying to manipulate a person or a group of people. (Miller 854) We know that it was Abigail who accused Elizabeth of being a witch because of the fact she wants John and drank a blood charm to kill her. Her actions throughout the drama influence many events and do her the most compelling character of The Crucible. Of each of the seven, there is always one character that is the worst sinner of that particular vice. (Miller 886) This" is one Johns last lines in the play meaning he dies for the sole purpose of his name. She is invariably caught up in a prevarication or is in the presence of seeking to pull strings a individual or a group of people. Abigail replies I am certain. When Proctor asks for the transactions of the court and threatens to whip Mary, she proclaims while pointing at Elizabeth I saved her life today!

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Throughout The Crucible there are good characters, bad characters and the characters who do not take action when action is required. Abigails response was clearly another prevarication because she was fired as the Proctors retainer after Elizabeth discovered her matter with John. Her motive is simple green-eyed monster and her desire to be with John Proctor. This later leads the girls to worry that they may be in some major trouble; you can tell essay conscience collective this when Betty says, You drank blood, Abby! Her nature demands that she be a voracious lover, but her circumstances forbid. Abigails envy and wrath for John Proctor is ultimately a disastrous circumstance for both her and Proctor. They believe they are doing something horribly wrong, and when they are threatened with exposure, they grow hysterical. She is an single. She is a notably truthful woman, whom lying causes almost physical pain. She is an unmarried, orphan who watched as her parents were murdered by Indians. In the end its John who decides his fate by not signing the confession because he wants to keep his name clean for his kids.

the crucible characters essay

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