El salvador research paper

el salvador research paper

created on September 15, 1821, when El Salvador among other Central American states broke away from Spain and declared their independence. El Salvador had elected Alfredo Critiani as their president in 1990. This disturbance caused the creation of many activist groups and parties. 6,948,073 are living there as of July 2007. After Marxist groups caused clashes with the government in place, a twelve year civil war broke out that took the lives of about 75,000 people. (El Salvador (3) democratic-republicans vs federalists essay These people were not just El Salvadorans, but people from foreign countries brought to the area to help restore a sense of peace and offer help at a great time of need. But I would be sure to stay away from the intensely populated, poverty struck, metropolitan areas.

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A military conflict involving this party in 1932, left approximately 20,000 people dead; this event became known as La Matanza. The so-called Soccer War began as rioting among fans during the World Cup soccer playoff matches between teams from El Salvador patriotism essay for students and Honduras, but the poverty in overpopulated El Salvador was at the root of the war. These dishes, although they may be filling if enough. Rice, beans, fried plantains and corn tortillas are commonly eaten throughout high in this the country because they are cheap and abundant. A peaceful uprising led by General Tomas Regalado in 1903 showed that El Salvador was a stable state and helped comfort citizens and as they looked toward the future. A lot of people in El Salvador are malnourished because of poverty. (El Salvador (1) First joining the United Provinces of Central America, created with other countries declaring their independence from Spain and modeling their country after the United States of America, the country dissolved abruptly. San Salvador is the largest city in El Salvador and is the home of 1/5 of the countrys population. The Capital city of El Salvador is San Salvador, which means Holy Savior. Major exports consist of coffee, textiles, and sugar. Fifty-two percent of the people are Roman Catholic while the rest of the people are members of protestant churches.

el salvador research paper