Essay on atheism

essay on atheism

go ahead and wholeheartedly choose that alternative. Proselytizing, it should be clear from my reasons for choosing to be an atheist that I have no interest in convincing other people to become atheists. It extends into what He values, what He believes, and even to what He loves. Moreover, I can easily imagine a war fought in the name of atheism, although I don't know of any actual examples (I don't count the wars started by atheistic communist countries, because atheism was not a significant reason for starting or continuing the wars). Mackie systematically goes through his logical thought process as well as his response to any type of criticism or alternative solution that might arise.

Yet after thousands of years of such preach- ments the gods remain deaf to the agony of the human race. Lets forget about atheism and concentrate on religions. Necessity knows no law; hence the majority of theists are compelled to take up every subject, even if it has no bearing upon a deity or revelation or the Great Beyond. I was not impressed, though, with his contentions against the Ontological Argument.

Some people have told me that they find this to be comforting. Since no atheist is the same as another I cant say this is 100 true, but a good percent of atheists believe in Darwins theory of evolution and natural selection. The disputes on religious matters are far from being exhausted and the issues debated are virtually infinite. And only in the European Enlightenment it appeared as a system of beliefs recognized by modern society. They knew that justice, truth, and fidelity are not, conditioned in heaven, but that they are related to and interwoven with the tremendous changes going on in the social and material life of the human race; not fixed and eternal, but fluctuating, even as life. Since religion was very sacred in ancient Greece anybody who didnt believe in the gods was charged with atheism. However, I know of no such evidence. However, what really is an atheist? This means that an atheistic song is that which expresses the disbelief of a deity. One of the basic ethical principles is that it is wrong to treat other people solely as means, rather than as ends in themselves. According to the Merriam Webster Online Dictionary, atheism is defined as, a disbelief in the existence of deity. At its most basic, an atheist is merely an individual who rejects the idea of god and religion.

Essay about Atheism - Religion

essay on atheism

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