Essay on trustworthy friend

essay on trustworthy friend

I do not want to give the impression that spiritual leaders are closed off to legitimate criticism. I have been moved to pity by the fresh youth of one, by the extreme old age of another; one I have pardoned for his high position, another for his humble state; whenever I found no excuse for pity, for my own sake I have. And, indeed, my purpose is not to picture the cruelty of Gaius, but the cruelty of anger, which not only vents its fury on a man here and there, but rends in pieces whole nations, which lashes cities and rivers/a and lifeless things that are. From the examples of Sulla's cruelty comes. The cruelty even of men in private station has been avenged by the hands of slaves despite their certain risk of crucifixion; nations and peoples have set to work to extirpate the cruelty of tyrants, when Ess1-425 ON mercy,. Many pastors are ruined by boards who think that they have done their duty when they throw up every obstacle and problem to an idea that he brings. Man's avarice assembles and gathers wealth for some one who is better to use; but anger is a spender -few indulge in it without cost. For certain qualities are innate only in better natures, just as rich ground, although it is neglected, produces a strong growth and a tall forest is the mark of fertile soil. I have not imposed upon you at your exit the wearisome delay you had at entrance. Toil summons the best men. "No, only by its nature can it be useful.

How many are the demands laid upon us by the sense of duty, humanity, generosity, justice, integrity - all of which lie outside the statute books! Why do you call for the whip in the midst of dinner, all because the slaves are talking, because there is not the silence of the desert in a room that holds a crowd big as a Ess1-337 ON anger, III. Would any one endure to live such a life when, doing no harm to others and consequently fearless, he might exercise beneficently his privilege of power to the happiness of all?

Oh, how we need people who will devote just five minutes a week to dream of what might possibly. Do you on the contrary challenge him with kindness. Tell me, if I alone block your hopes, will Paulus and Fabius Maximus and the Cossi and the Servilii and the great line of nobles, who are not the representatives of empty names, but add distinction to their pedigree - will these put up with. He knows that Jesus said to his busy disciples, Come away by yourselves to a desolate place and rest a while (Mark 6:31). "But you ask, "what is the purpose of such an inquiry?" I answer, in order that we may know what anger is; for if it arises against our will, it will never succumb to reason. 3-7 definition/a differs little from mine; for he says that anger is the desire to repay suffering.

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