Bee essay life secret

bee essay life secret

and unloved. Finding out the truth was quite possibly the hardest part of Lilys journey: Knowing can be a curse on a persons life. In a colony of bees, each worker bee, though with different jobs, make the hive a connected place where everything works in melody, together, collaborating, and making the hive into a whole. In her growing up, Lily learns important lessons, which help her in the coming-of-age process.

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She is wise beyond words what can describe. These rich female characters help shape the plot and quality of Kidds novel. In Susan Monk Kidds novel The Secret Life of Bees, the two significant themes work collectively to produce and underlying theme for components of a thesis paragraph the plots development. Lily was hysterical and August being the immense role model in her life, was the only one who could soothe Lily into peacefulness. The teachings of Carl Jung, a philosopher who believes that society would be better by emphasizing the importance of feminine values versus the masculine, deeply influences Kidds writings. Lily hates her father and with the choices she makes, in a matter of time, Lily is forced to be responsible for herself and Rosaleen, she must learn how to be independent. Lily and Rosaleen will take a journey that will change their lives and shape their future forever. There are themes and symbolisms throughout the book. Lily finally accepted this and saw that a mother does not need to be biological, nor does it need to be just one.

Lily now understands that her biological mother, the one she has been yearning for her entirety, was in fact never going to be with her. Lily Owens, the antagonist of the novel, is on a journey of self-discovery, which is comparable to a baby bee in a colony learning its place in the hive. Zach and Lily shared a distant but true and pure love for one another: The silver rectangle dropped down under my shirt, where it dangled cold and certain between my breasts. The Black Mary or the Black Madonna is a symbol of the power and love this group of women brought to each other during such a hard time.