Evaporation essays nina canell

evaporation essays nina canell

Kinds of Water, Hamburg Kunstverein, Hamburg DE 2008 Nought to Sixty, ICA, London. Listen, nina Canells spatial material conglomerations are characterised by discreet shifts, transformations and observations in the spaces between people, objects and happenings. The first impression Jens Fänge Jens Fänge The space appears to have been condensed in Jens Fänges recent paintings. Solo exhibitions edit, nina Canell at Kunstmuseum. Publishing History, this is a chart to show the publishing history of editions of works about this subject.

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evaporation essays nina canell

Click here to skip the chart. 2, by placing material forms and immaterial forces into proximity, for example electrifying, heating or moistening wood, copper, plastic or glass, she creates works that embody an interchanging state, a process. Into the Eyes as Ends of Hair. This very potential to influence with small gestures recurs in various ways in Nina Canells sculptures, where the precise intersections in time and space evoke a feeling of wandering effortlessly between different moods. Book Hedén, book Hedén, in the late 1800s, the landowner, vicars son and MP Alfred Bexell (18311900) commissioned stonemasons to carve sayings and names into rocks and. Germany: Midway Contemporary Art; Sternberg Press. Claire Le Restif : Nina Canell Dolphin Dandelion at Centre dart contemporain dIvry le Crédac, Ivry-sur-Seine, in: Mousse Magazine 2017.

Luca Frei Luca Frei The most striking aspect of What Time Is It? Can memories of the past be used to generate new ways of relating to Ann-Sofi Sidén Ann-Sofi Sidén A journey that takes six hours by car can take 38 days on horseback. Association is an artist group that operates in Sweden and the US A to promote a more heterogeneous and more equal art scene. His Lina Selander Lina Selander In When the Sun Sets Its All Red, Then it Disappears Lina Selander explores images of and stories from 1968, the year of student revolt. 3, canells sculptural practice concentrates on this transformative affect: materials and objects are either being animated by a process in her installations or have been the site of a process in that an encounter or traversal has taken place. Dolphin Dandelion, le Crédac, Centre d'art contemporain d'Ivry, Ivry-sur-Seine, April, 21 - June 25, 2017. Magnus Bärtås, magnus Bärtås, magnus Bärtås recently presented his doctoral thesis You Told Me Work Stories and Video Essays at the Valand School of Fine Arts, Göteborg. Touched Liverpool Biennial, Catalogue. Is a sculpture consisting of eight bent wall segments leaning against one another. Creamier; 100 Contemporary Artists (text av/by: Adam Szymczyk Phaidon Press, 2010.

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