Francine prose essays

francine prose essays

easily manageable components, it would be less graceful, less informative, and less beautiful. Narrated affably enough by a nine-year-old girl named Scout, To Kill a Mockingbird is the perennially beloved and treacly account of growing up in a small Southern town during the Depression. But once again its hard to define: the opposite of clarity. This young comrade parent or that was in detention, who knew when she, he, would be released, this one had fathered only in the biological sense, he was somewhere in another country learning the tactics of guerilla war or in the strange covert use. But, Bloom goes on, the translation. Thats the experience I describe, the answer I give to people who ask about teaching creative writing: A workshop can be useful. At every stage of writingfor the student and the teacher, for the authors of grocery lists, conference notes, emails, text messages, poems, and novelsit is shocking to be misunderstood.

She again mentions books she approves of that should be read in English classes. Such summary reduces the book, but not by all that much. Ten months later, he again writes to Gorky, who seems not to have followed the advice Chekhov gave him in the earlier letter. And at what point does the reader decide that something is simply too much trouble to bother to untangle and understand? Veresayevs story is a crude imitation of something or other, possibly of the husband in your Orlov and his Wife. For many students, this foreign language is one that I have come to think of as paper-ese: the language of the classroom essay, peppered with awkward conjunctions (Thus we see, Furthermore clumsy locutions (it can be observed that, we are made to have) and with words. Waderegardless of the fact that Blackmuns sentence, like the one from the Gettysburg Address, and from the US Constitution, is considerably longer and more complicated than The man sat down on the grass or Mother died today.

francine prose essays

These essays on their own make the book worth reading and buying; they made me buy a couple. Extract: What to Read and Why by Francine Prose.

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How much care and effort weve put into choosing words and putting them together, into making something out of nothing: printer ink and paper. . But no matter what we conclude, the fact remains that we have understood the first thing he has told. The simplest definition may be best: To write clearly means that another person can understand what we mean. Hi Mom and Dad, I surmise you wont be too mad if I deem it necessary to go to my boyfriends house for Thanksgiving. That year I was beginning what would become my first novel. And perfect communication can occur without one word being spoken. The first step toward being clear is like the first step in an addiction-recovery program: admit that there is a problem. In part, this problem may have something to do with the ease and frequency with which students misinterpret the well-meaning advice of teachers who suggest they use strong adjectives, forceful verbs (why should a character walk when he can stride, why should he speak when. I also assign them to bring in a passage of especially thick, impenetrable jargon, together with their own translation into plain speech. The most helpful editors, professionals, and friends, are the ones who will talk for ten minutes (or exchange a chain of emails) about a single word. In my opinion I agree with Prose because I think the texts we read in high school are not challenging and not a lot of students enjoy the readings because they cannot relate.

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