Research paper on customer satisfaction in bank

research paper on customer satisfaction in bank

developing strategies to enhance behavioural responses to customer satisfaction and prohibit negative ones. Even though considerable work has been done in some countries in adapting banking and supervision regulations, continuous vigilance and revisions will be essential as the scope of e-banking increases. In the developed countries like France, 3 out of 40 purchases on line and the remaining 37 are reluctant to use on line services and the reason is security and privacy which is the major threats to perform online business. In terms of age pagsunod sa batas trapiko essay as Table 1 depicts.53 of 402 were respondents whose age was between 18 and. Belay Deribe and Ebisa Deribie in their study of evaluation of customer satisfaction on bank services in Jimma Commercial bank of Ethiopia found that 25 of their sample responded that there was no any change the benefits they got from e-banking in comparison to ordinary. The numbers of mobile holders are near to fold of the number of bank account holders in the country. Meaning of E-Banking The concept of electronic banking has been defined in many ways; Daniel defines electronic banking as the delivery of banks information and services by banks to customers via different delivery plat forms that can be used with different terminal devices such. Data Analysis and Result of the Study Analysis and result Demographics of respondents: The descriptive analyses for demographics profile of respondents which indicated out of 402 respondents.85 were female and the rest.15 were male.

Research paper on, customer, satisfaction of Southeast

research paper on customer satisfaction in bank

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Banks are also offering payment services on behalf of their customer who shop indifferent e-shops. Athanasssopoulous A, Gounraris S, Sthaakopuoulos V (2001) Behavioral responses ofcustomer satisfaction: An empirical study. The usual measures of customer satisfaction involve a survey with a set of statements using a Likert Technique or scale. Cash remains as the main method of payment especially among individuals. The prepaid cards will be given to the cardholders with a personal identification number (PIN) to withdraw the cash. In fact, in some countries, e-banking products and services are not very popular because customers do not consider them as better alternative to traditional banking service. Fasiledes Wegagen branch replied that there is no question that the types of the service provided university of calgary thesis binding by e-banking and employees differ and since the bank has stand by generator for ATM and most of POSs said that the bank is providing 24/7. It is recognized that banks gaining higher customer satisfaction will have a conspicuous marketing ascendancy because the higher customer satisfaction is associated with greater revenues, increased cross-sell rations, higher customer retention and bigger market share. Electronic banking pp: 135-147.

To understand the impact of e-banking on the conduct of economic policy, policymakers need a solid analytical foundation. Study of customer satisfaction in the banking sector in libya is to evaluate the customer satisfaction of the The method of the study Validity and reliability testing of questionnaire using spss. Wogagen bank started the service since June 2012 and currently having one ATM located in Taye Belay Hotel and 17 POSs located in different retail shop, supermarket, hotels, etc. It addresses on sustained growth and investment aiming at improvement in the quality of life. January 14, 2016; Accepted, february 10, 2016; Published, february 20, 2016, citation: Worku G, Tilahun A, Tafa MA (2016) The Impact of Electronic Banking on Customers Satisfaction in Ethiopian Banking Industry (The Case of Customers of Dashen and Wogagen Banks in Gondar City). Tiwari R, BuseS (2007) The Mobile Commerce Prospects: A Strategic analysis of opportunities in the banking sector.