Why study biology essay

why study biology essay

our Environment: The humans arent the only living things about whom biology is concerned with. Marine biologists, zoologists and botanists work with marine life, animals, and plants respectively to ensure their survival would you die for your country essay and thereby, our survival. Plants are grown for decorating homes and the flowers are used variously. Even as a high school student, I still keep my curiosity. Flowers with new colour combinations, new varieties of leaf shapes etc., have been involved by hybridization.

Most of these have been established as industries such as animal husbandry, piggery, poultry keeping, pisciulture, sericulture, lack culture, apiculture, and bear industry. I have taken AP Chemistry, AP Biology and AP Physics and they are absolutely my favorite subjects. Tags: conclusion about the importance of biolog in our life, essay on importance of biology education in present life, importance of biology essay, important of biology essay new spech, role of biology in society essay. Biology and Food, a large number of animals like fish, pigeon, pig, goat, prawns, crabs etc. A rapid increase in human population in the last fifty years has increased demand on food supply. These industries can be made productive only if we have the proper knowledge of habit, habitat and life cycle of the animals. Agriculturists work with crops and livestock. I love science in general and biology particularly for their amazing ability to answer a lot of my questions. The study of Biology also teaches us to become stronger and faster or lose weight. Earthworms increase soil fertility. I know that Cornell University will not only give me a world-class education, but also a warm community to call home. (viii) Evolving new and better methods of preservation of food such as pasteurization, drying freezing etc., so that food is stored for longer periods without being spoiled.

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