Essay on the effects of drinking and driving

essay on the effects of drinking and driving

Also it leads to a loss of employment, and a loss of family life. Losing your life or poisoning it is not worth the joy of drinking. There is a saying that many people have heard when they are being encouraged not to drink and that is, Every time you take a drink of alcohol you kill ten thousand brain cells. This could be because the alcohol interferes with the absorption and storage of the vitamins you get. The niaaas purpose is to help inform the public about the effects alcohol can have on a person in order to help others understand the risks of a fun night.

These are the most important because these can cause your death. The nervous system can also get damaged, and when this happens the person will get physical and behavioral problems. Drinking alcohol can affect every single person in a show more content. There are other effects in the body like gastritis and cirrhosis of the liver. It can cause slurr speach, flush skin, loss of balance, sexual problems, birth defects in pregnancy, and problems with socity. Alcohol alters your brain, muscles, digestion process, and other disorders that affect your health. "Causes and effects of drinking and driving.". These diseases can affect the liver, create heart problems, cause cancer in the mouth, dysfunction of the pancreas, and ever stomach cancer.

In conclusion alcohol can affect your life in a good or bad way depending on how you drink, how often you drink, and how much you drink. Show More, the effects drinking has can cause long term problems. Show More, the Effects of Drinking Alcohol, throughout life people make many different decisions. m, ml (accessed October 08, 2018). Drinking a lot over a long period or even a single occasion can damage the heart and other vital organs as well leading to very serious complications (Alcohol and Heart why am ia teacher essay Disease 3). Some other short term effects include blackouts, where you cant remember what happened, and insomnia, where you cant fall asleep.

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