Factors influencing consumer buying behaviour thesis

factors influencing consumer buying behaviour thesis

a consumer can also be an organization. You need to first understand the physiology of the consumer of a specific class, standard and of a specific market. An example of cognitive mapping as applied to perception of product quality might run as follows. A fall in the disposable income, on the other hand, leads to a fall in the expenditure on various items.

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Each of reading books us selects differently from the environment and each of us has differing views. C) Roles and status: A person participates in many groups like family, clubs, and organisations. The relevance of families to marketing is therefore much more about consumer behaviour than about consumer demand levels.In terms of its function as a reference group, the family is distinguished by the following characteristics:. The social factors influencing consumer behaviour are a) Family, b) Reference Groups, c) Roles and status. Middle-class families tend to show greater democratic involvement in decision-making. Selectivity: This is the degree to which the brain is selecting from the environment. If a person decides to save more out of his present income, he will spend less on comforts and luxuries. They watch more TV, so are more influenced by advertising and more knowledgeable about products. People buy different products at their different stages of cycle.