Global warming essay spm

global warming essay spm

area, which causes some kinds of animals in this area to live with many difficulties, or sometimes those kinds of animals are. The change in global temperatures and precipitation over time is due to natural variability or to human activity. One huge impact of global warming is the change in animals habitats. It is the tragic case that most of the countries and areas that will be affected directly are often the ones that contribute the least to global warming. Methane has an effect on the atmosphere which is four times as bad for global warming as carbon dioxide. It is felt that the increase of substantial amount of greenhouse gases being released into the atmosphere is associated with unpredictable climate and heat changes. What a drastic change.

The phrase Global Warming has specific meaning.   tags: Environment Global Warming Climate Change Powerful Essays 2038 words (5.8 pages) Preview - The Causes, Effects and Possible Solutions to Global Warming Global warming is a problem that threatens the whole world.

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A "good" effect, a person could say, would be for regions with normally cold temperatures to receive warmer temperatures for their normal. We are your best bet for having a professionally written essay that will get you the best grades in no time. Human activities such as burning fossil fuels, transportation emissions, and deforestation have caused global climate changes that can lead to catastrophic results if people do not take action. Films, such as Al Gores documentary The Inconvenient Truth, have also raised international public awareness of climate change and have re-energized the environmental protection movement; however, some politicians, government officials, and scientists have opposed this theory. The items that contain Continue Reading Global Warming Essay 1570 Words 7 Pages Global warming extremists want us to believe that as global temperatures rise, so do chances of complete extinction of entire species. tags: Global Warming Essays Good Essays 551 words (1.6 pages) Preview - Former United States Vice President Al Gore became interested in global warming during his years at Harvard University studying under Professor Roger Revelle.