Essential essays in philosophy and its history

essential essays in philosophy and its history

what kinds of things do we need to postulate in a given realm? Bin Wong makes this point very strongly in China Transformed (Wong 1997). One of the most popular Kantian theories which states that the representation of an object greatly helps the perceiver to perceive a certain object and not the object per. Consider research in the past twenty years that questions the existence of the Industrial Revolution. Access to powerful writing and research tools. Eastern Philosophy In the East, philosophers have been more concerned with ordaining society in a harmonious manner, finding humanitys proper place in society and nature, acting and thinking in a way that would promote unity and order in the universe. But their hypotheses need to be evaluated on the basis of concrete historical evidence. Or What is real? Here the guiding question is, What are the logical and epistemological characteristics of historical knowledge and historical explanation? Part of the topography of a period of historical change is the ensemble of institutions that exist more or less stably in the period: property relations, political institutions, family structures, educational practices, religious and moral values.

What all of this suggests is an alternative way of thinking about history that has a different structure from the idea of history as a stream of causes and effects, structures and events. A full historiographic scan of a given historian might include questions like these: What methods of discovery does he/she use? For example, Michael Mann's sociology of early agrarian civilizations (1986 De Vries and Goudsblom's efforts at global environmental history (2002 and Jared Diamond's treatment of disease and warfare (1997) offer examples of scholars who attempt to explain some large features of human history on the. But this should not be understood to imply that there is one uniquely true interpretation of historical processes and events. Historians often pose questions like these: What were some of the causes of the fall of Rome?, what were the causes of the rise of fascism?, or what were the causes of the Industrial Revolution? He refers to these approaches as speculative and critical aspects of the philosophy of history. Contributors to this strand of thought emerged from twentieth-century European philosophy, including existentialism and Marxism, and were influenced by the search for meaning in the Holocaust.

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