Monster essays walter dean myers

monster essays walter dean myers

he can be put on trial for this crime. Early in the novel Steve is sitting in prison trying to figure out what really happened, because he is being declared guilty, even though he is innocent. Next, is Steve Harmon, who is sent to jail for being involved with the crime. The resolution is Steve's acquittal. How would you feel? Steve Harmon portrays the fear how i understand the human body better essay of a teenager who is in prison and portrays a confident teenager who is strong enough to pull through any adversity while having his world thrown upside down. Monster: Literary Technique and Major Characters Essay. Steve Harmon gained hisconfidence from his friends and family also, his lawyer always telling him he is going to be ok and he will be tried innocent. First things first, the way the jury reviews Stevens case, they review his case by looking at his background. He portrays fear of ones life in prison because the whole book he is trying to get out of prison and to have his life back. Monster, Literary Analysis Essay.

Clearly, Steve Harmon couldnt be the look out. Monster " that is the case for Steve Harmon, a poor African-American in rundown Harlem in the book ". 1937 poet, editor, and novelist. Steven was not actually involved in the murder itself, but he was an accessory. The lab report professionals third reason why I think Steve Harmon is innocent because Steve didnt give a signal. The first use of the search for truth. The word can also be found scribbled faintly and scratched out on pages of the novel itself. He is walking around his neighborhood, looking for places to shoot a movie for his film class, on the day of the crime. He also convinces his lawyer of his innocence and the fact that he was simply in the wrong place at the wrong time.

The plot of the book Monster includes setting, main character, and conflicts. At last, Steve does not know whether he did something wrong or not, there is also conflict between him and the others being tried for the murder and robbery.

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