Thesis nanoparticle

thesis nanoparticle

prodrug for constructing controlled drug delivery system. Department of Polymer Science and Engineering at the, university of Science and Technology of China. Xiaohuan Zhang, Beidi Wang, Dong Yang, Xiaohong Zhang, Li Yuan, Qianqian Tang, Jianhua.* PAA- g -PVAc amphiphilic graft copolymer synthesized by atom transfer ways to edit your essay radical polymerization. Here are some pictures taken during the event. In this joyful day, we reconnected with each other through various events which were prepared by the current lab members, such as softball, bingo, Korean BBQ dinner, and finally drinking together at a local pub. Aspects 2010, 353, 197-203. Our group is led. Lei Wang, Yuchi Yang, Xiudi Shen, Tongtao Li, Jianhua Hu, Dong Yang Angang Dong.* Circular assembly of colloidal nanoparticles at the liquidair interface mediated by block copolymers.

Langmuir 2013, 29, 734-743. Nano Research, 2016,. Sinica 2009, 67, 843-849. Compd., 2017, 691, 178-184. We wish you a lifetime happiness. Hantaek will go to Samsung and work. Our laboratory is located in Basic Science Building at kaist. Beidi Wang, Dong Yang Jin Zhong Zhang, Chenbin Xi, Jianhua.* Stimuli-responsive polymer covalent functionalization of graphene oxide by Ce(IV)-induced redox polymerization. Congying Liu, Jianhua Hu Dong Yang, Wuli Yang.* Preparation of multi-responsive mesoporous silica microspheres and its application in controlled drug release. Liu Yang, Jianhua Hu, Angang Dong Dong Yang.* Novel Fe3O4-CNTs nanocomposite for Li-ion batteries with enhanced electrochemical performance.

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