Essay on wisdom and knowledge

essay on wisdom and knowledge

man learns from others experience? However, one of these Northman, Herger, proclaims that, A man should be moderately wise, but not overwise. A knowledgeable person might dress in a fashion that can be accepted by everyone, not too conservative and not too abstract. He may know that adultery is wrong, yet he does. When entering a classroom, a knowledgeable student always goes directly to her seat and promptly takes out the previous night's lessons so that she might review it once more before the start of class, a knowledgeable student knows things such as the multiplication tables all. When a person becomes successful then only will he be able to gain some self-confidence pilote essayeur automobile and this confidence will help him take the proper and difficult or tricky decisions in his life. He may know that smoking is imprudent, bad for one's health, yet he smokes.

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A knowledgeable student dresses to suit the norm of her surroundings and makes an attempt to fit in as best as possible. Wisdom comes when we start loving others. He may know that stealing is wrong, yet he steals. A wise student enters a room and jokes with her classmates before settling in their desk to take out her books, knowing that the time you share with your friends is just as important as the time you. Wisdom is needed to avoid dislike for one another. Wisdom is gained through learning and practical experience, not just memorization. In fact, how to write a book review citation we can see that every second person has succumbed to the darkness living inside him and therefore, become greedy and selfish.