Cultural relativism rachels essay

cultural relativism rachels essay

an absolute wrong. All he has to make is inquire whether this policy conforms to his societys moral code ( Rachels 620 ). There are an enormous amount of people in this world that we live. That is a moral objective standard that we can use to differentiate between right and wrong, and in turn we can be critical of other societies.

cultural relativism rachels essay

Is the thesis that a persons culture strongly influences her modes of perception and thought Most cultural relativists add to this definition saying that there is no standard of morality. In other words, Rachels says that if cultural relativism is true, then what MLK.

There is a struggle between what is morally right or incorrect. We Will Write A Custom Essay Sample. If a certain pattern is incorrect in our society we shouldnt want to pattern it anyhow. There is an exclusion to every moral absolute. This type of mindset would eventually "kill" the society because society is based on the interactions of human beings. Having more than one wife, the practice of Polygamy, is not accepted in society today. Have you ever felt that another culture was so different than yours that everything they did was just flat out absurd? Challenges our ordinary belief in the objectiveness and catholicity of moral truth. There is no such thing as universal truth in ethics: there there are only the various cultural codes, and nothing more. And proves there is no cosmopolitan truth. This pattern is necessary for the endurance of the of the group.

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