Steroids and sports essays

steroids and sports essays

and strengthen the fabric. Sometimes irresponsible athletes use several drugs to hide the fact of taking anabolic steroids. Lets say that two athletes are competing, one does consume steroids and the other one doesnt, who will win? Arnold Beckett, member of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) medical commission, was the first to work on drug testing and it? In 1963 the first list of the banned drugs was charted. For instance, a studies abroad essay profess-sional athlete might have an anterior crucaite ligament tear for which cortisone shots would help mobility of the joint, enabling the athlete to recovery with full use of the appendage.

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In my opinion steroids is not a good thing to be consuming when it comes to sports. When we talk about steroids we are referring to the anabolic-androgenic steroids, but athletes are more concerned with the anabolic property. Steroids can have negative and dangerous effects uses wit in an english essay on the entire body, including the kidneys, liver, brain and hormonal system in general. The initial symptoms of high blood pressure can be headaches, insomnia, difficulty with breathing. In this case it is possible to justify the risk of steroid use. The aim behind these drugs is to lessen the side effects of steroids. But no direct evidence exists (Yesalis, 53-56). And that these factors influence the rapid muscle gain. Athletes who use illegal drugs in order to achieve good results are severely punished, up to the deprivation of qualification and withdrawal from the awarded places. Theoretically, this could result into the formation of "plaque" in the walls of arteries, and later completely blocked vessels. Milder steroids do not cause such adverse side effects, yet their use is undesirable, as a real sport athlete means success through a healthy lifestyle, a balanced diet, hard work on your body and mind.

steroids and sports essays