Thesis for english majors

thesis for english majors

More Fine Arts Theatre 404 The class will trace the development of and trends in this particular theatrical form from the mid-19th century to the present. Learn More Humanities Ethical Theory More Humanities Philosophy 312 A critical review of recent developments in ethical and value theory. Learn More Sciences and Mathematics Analytical Chemistry More Sciences and Mathematics Chemistry 415 Quantitative determinations using gravimetric analysis, titrations (acid-base and complexiometric and spectrophotometry are a part of the laboratory portion of this course. Learn More Fine Arts Internship in Broadcasting More Fine Arts Speech 440 Involves on-the-job experience at a commercial radio station and includes supervision by the stations personnel.

thesis for english majors

Majors and minors offer students depth.
A major promotes immersion in an academic field of study and requires between 10 and 14 courses.

Learn More Fine Arts Forensics More Fine Arts Speech 261 Open to all students interested in learning the fundamentals of competitive public speaking, or in polishing and employing existing skills. Learn More Sciences and Mathematics Advanced Topics in Physical Chemistry More Sciences and Mathematics Chemistry 504 Possible topics to be covered include computational chemistry, surface chemistry, advanced group theory and crystallography, advanced spectroscopy and nuclear chemistry. Learn More Fine Arts Movies as Medium More Fine Arts Speech 301 A historical and critical survey of the film as art in the 20th century. Learn More Humanities New Testament History and Literature More Humanities Religion 212 A survey of the history and theology of the New Testament. 15/ Former Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson was an English major at Dartmouth College. Learn More Fine Arts Ballet I More Fine Arts Dance 160 Students will receive an introduction to the basic techniques and vocabulary of ballet. Bachelor of Music.S.W Bachelor of Social Work.A. Learn More Fine Arts History of American Theatre More Fine Arts Theatre 408 American plays from the colonial period to the present will be examined in relation to changing political, social and cultural issues in the United States and to the search forand development ofa. Learn More Interdisciplinary Studies Emergence of Sociological Thought More Interdisciplinary Studies Sociology 391 A historical and philosophical examination of major figures in social theory during the period when sociology was emerging as a discipline (mid-1800s through early 1900s). Abstract Algebra, more, sciences and Mathematics, mathematics 410. Learn More Humanities Contemporary Religious Thought More Humanities Religion 320 A study of the major theological positions developed in the 20th century, including Modernism, Neo-orthodoxy, Fundamentalism, and Liberation Theology.