Water scarcity essay upsc

water scarcity essay upsc

the range of 20-60 per cent. (c) Alluvial plain: From early Palaeolithic period man has preferred to live in riverbanks because sino ba ako essay of the availability of water and games. The passive or non-structural approaches include using zoning regulations to limit -development. Thank you all for your immense support. As you can notice below, Secure covered all the issues comprehensively.

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This period is marked with increased population, though core economy of this period continued to be based on hunting and gathering. 2014 Gandhara sculpture owed as much to the Romans as to the Greeks. Critically examine why it still suffers from water scarcity. Similarly, shallow querns and grinding stones also occur at several sites. 2015 The third battle of Panipat was fought in 1761. 2015 had 20 questions with 200-word limit each 250 marks. E) Destruction of mangroves, which act as a natural safeguard. G) Scarcity of drinking water. There is scarcity of Palaeolithic sites in the upper reaches of Bhima and Krishna. . The use of grinding stones might have been for processing plant foods such as wild rice. 2014 Discuss the various economic and socio-cultural forces that are driving increasing feminization of agriculture in India.