5 paragraph essay on the boston massacre

5 paragraph essay on the boston massacre

wanted the trial to get over and didnt want the truth to come out. The purpose of the Boston Massacre was to try to make the colonists believe that the British were brutally killing innocent colonists. Witch started by the British trying to enforce laws and maintain order. Or, if you are writing a descriptive essay, you could write a thesis about facts that are not commonly known about the Massacre such as the unusual outcome of the trial of two British regulars whose defense centered upon 'benefit of the clergy they were proven. They panicked and shot into the crowd.

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It was really an accident and the colonists tried to use the Boston massacre and turn something small into something big. Boston, the capital of the Province of Massachusetts Bay and important shipping town, was a major center of resistance to unpopular show more content, in October of 1768, four British Army regiments disembarked in Boston5. People agreed with the angry colonists ad they went with them and went against the British. On March 5, 1770 a fight broke out in the streets of Boston, Massachusetts between a patriot mob and British soldiers. A runner alerted a nearby barracks and seven more soldiers came to their aid. It all started March 5, 1770 by a patriot taunting a British soldier.

Two others were convicted of manslaughter. The presence of British troops had been stationed in Boston, the capital of Province of Massachusetts Bay since 17681. Review the site below for more unusual facts. Finally when the soldier recovered his weapon, he lost all composure and discharged his weapon. Later after that they went to court saying that they killed them on purpose and wanted them killed. After the got to the house they started to shout insults and started to protest.