Essay on lewis and clark expedition

essay on lewis and clark expedition

later they still hadnt sobered. This shows that he intelligent because he knew that if they didnt take their gears, it will be harder for them to survive. Due to their characteristics, they were able to find new things, which then expanded the nation. A few years later Jefferson appoints Lewis head of an expedition across uncharted land to the Pacific Ocean. A team needed to be established to survey and document the new territory. (pg7) Thomas Jeffersons father and Meriwether Lewis grandfathers founded Albemarle. Lewis didnt get to see mush action with the state militia so when the uprising was over he joined the regular Army hoping to see some action. (pg122) Winter passes, the river melts, and the crew can start the trip again. The men would stay on the pacific coast and wait for trading boats to arrive. They kept on walking on a temperature of 45 degrees below zero!

The boats never showed up so they decided to make the journey back. Along the route they ran into many Indian tribes which Lewis would trade with. The Louisiana Purchase, in 1803, made the government more eager to expand west. In a primary source Lewis writes, We needed the Shoshones to procure horses from them in order to cross the immense mountains to the west. Clark tried to talk him out of going until he got better but Lewis insisted. This gained the interest in the west ( the nation was strengthened in the claim of the area.) This made the.S.A gain power in the western side, which then expanded the nation. Clark is a rifleman for Gen.