Why soccer is the best sport essay

why soccer is the best sport essay

against Real Madrid, the two Spanish giants always competing for the top prize. There are no commercial breaks other than on the 15-minute halftime, and whatever time was wasted during the game is added on at the end of every half. You may say Im wrong, that its just a game. Plus, minimal equipment is required. The fifa Word Cup is the biggest of such events, and the biggest sporting event in the entire world.

Why Soccer Is the Best Sport Essay - 685 Words Bartleby

why soccer is the best sport essay

There are organized good frq thesis statement leagues for every age group, parks with nets all over the world, and willing people that love the game in abundance. It's truly a team sport: Every person counts and anyone can score. If you have the ball, you ant just kick it randomly and hope to score, you have to think of your other teammates and work with them to get the ball up the field. So much so that we incessantly flip through channels for the two minutes of pain we must endure before watching whatever it was we were watching. The history of the modern game is a little more recent yet still historic. In some countries soccer is not a popular game, they think that soccer is a bunch of people chasing a ball to score a goal; maybe they think that because they have never played or watched the sport. 7 History via m, the simplicity of soccer means that historians found early traces of similar forms of the game being played as early as the 2nd and 3rd century BC in China.

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