Rouven essig thesis

rouven essig thesis

Cheung et. "Dark Forces, Dark Matter, and the GeV-Scale Discovery Frontier". D86 (2012) 083534 arXiv:1107.3546 See also recent talks by Tracy Slatyer (at Snowmass IF, April 2013) and Kathryn Zurek (at slac, Jan 2014) Operations (From Test Run). Stay tuned for more details. Jhep 1001:111,2010, arXiv:0909.2862 "Searching for the light dark gauge boson in GeV-scale experiments Reece and Wang. Philip Schuster at APS DNP (October 2013). Physics References, review Articles and Talks dark Sectors and New, Light, Weakly-Coupled Particles Essig. D80 (2009) 035008 arXiv:0902.3246 "Breaking the Dark Force Katz and Sundrum jhep 0906 (2009) 003 arXiv:0902.3271 " Naturally Light Hidden Photons in large Volume String Compactifications Goodsell et al jhep 0911 (2009) 027 arXiv:0909.0515 Dark Matter Connections "A Theory of Dark Matter Arkani-Hamed. Zurek arXiv:1308.0338 "Sommerfeld-enhanced annihilation in dark matter substructure: Consequences for constraints on cosmic-ray excesses Slatyer, Toro, Weiner. Apex Test Run Result, Theses, and Selected Talks.

See also working group website. Slides from all presentations are available here. B671 (2009) 391-397 arXiv:0810.1502 "Asymmetric Dark Matter: Theories, Signatures, and Constraints" (review article Kathryn. Hall A Web Page, jLab Web Page, summary.

Physics beyond the standard model: supersymmetry, dark
Exotic Decays of the 125 GeV Higgs Boson
Constraining Light Dark Matter with Diffuse X-Ray and Gamma-Ray
A Experiment (apex) E12-10-009: Home - Jlab Hall-A - Jefferson Lab

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Jhep 0907:051,2009 arXiv:0904.1743 "Theoretical framework to analyze searches for hidden light gauge bosons in electron scattering fixed target experiments Beranek, Merkel, Vanderhaeghen arXiv:1303.2540 "New Limits on Hidden Photons from Past Electron Beam Dumps Andreas, Niebuhr, Ringwald. Home Page, newsletters, phone Meetings 2014 Collaboration Meeting, aPEX work page. Newcomers who are looking for effective ways to contribute and collaborators from the test run who are looking to re-engage are most welcome to participate in the collaboration meeting and phone meetings. D79 (2009) 015014 arXiv:0810.0713 "Astrophysical Signatures of Secluded Dark Matter Pospelov and Ritz Phys. Two U(1 s and Epsilon Charge Shifts " - Holdom Phys. Workshops on New GeV-Scale Forces, theory, new Forces and Fixed Target Searches ". Past Collaboration Meetings, proposals and Review. (Section 6: New, Light, Weakly-Coupled Particles).

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