Essay on useful and harmful microorganisms

essay on useful and harmful microorganisms

of the retrovirus, its own DNA containing the normal ADA gene is inserted into the hosts DNA causing the patients lymphocytes to synthesize ADA (Hofkin, 2010). Food Industry and Beverages, the role of microorganisms in food preparation and beverage manufacturing is known for ages. Thus, micro-organisms can be defined as tiny organisms that cannot be seen with the naked eye and can be seen under a microscope. Since the vector contains a selectable marker, maybe coding for antibiotic resistant gene, the bacterial cells which has taken up the recombinant DNA can be identified. Applications of microorganisms in the food industry, mainly in the production of dairy products are another example where microorganisms are beneficial to humans. The main function of bacteria residing in the stomach is to maintain the ph and acidity level in the stomach. Bacteria range from the essential and useful, to the harmful.

Essential Uses Of Microorganisms Biology Essay
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Hence they are are also known as essay out line expositiory microorganisms or microscopic organisms. The cell wall is covered with a structure called as capsule. Additionally, Fusarium graminearum, a type of fungus has been developed into meat substitute for human consumption. This essay will discuss the numerous beneficial microorganisms that carry out processes in biotechnology, agriculture, industries and environment; necessary to sustain life. Some bacterial species live on our skin and protect it from getting fungal infections. What are X-rays and what are its properties and uses? Yeast is also used in baking industries for the preparations of bread and cakes. This is achieved by replacing the genes in T-DNA of Ti plasmid that causes the crown gall tumour with the gene of interest and a selectable marker gene, usually resistance to kanamycin. And other disease causing gram-negative bacteria, without affecting the humans (Rendulic., 2004). Although, microbial mining can only occur where the soil around the ore deposits contains the microorganisms; further research has been conducted to produce genetically engineered bacterial strains, with the ability to excavate minerals from ores containing low-levels of minerals (Hofkin, 2010). Their research revealed that PlyG was a strong lytic enzyme, as even when applied externally they still lysed the. Microorganisms being used in various researches throughout history, led to the advancement of science and technology.

essay on useful and harmful microorganisms

Firstly, essential uses of microorganisms can be seen in the environment, as they play a vital role in many of the nutrient cycles.
Essay on useful microorganisms, re: on biology essay ; causes aug 18, harvard the focus on genetically modified microorganisms in food poisoning.
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