Essay on casteless india - a pipe dream

essay on casteless india - a pipe dream

competition between different sections of society to get hold on modern occupations, led to inter-caste rivalries, social tensions and group conflicts among Indians. The regenerating character was concerned with social transformation through modern education, English language as a medium of learning and official language, modernization in economic sphere, political unification of the country and laying foundations for many democratic institutions. People, who were conquered and admitted into the fold of Aryan society, were looked upon as the lowest of the four classes. If any nation attempts to throw off its national vitality or the direction, which has become its own through the transmission of centuries, it dies. It sharply restricted the hold of caste-elders over its members and replaced the traditional pattern of checks and balances and leadership by voluntary associations, social reformers and leaders. The creation of new white collared jobs by British developed the attitude to discredit manual work. Harijan women helped all castes at time of child-birth. Local character Local character and semi-autonomous nature of caste system made close interaction and cooperation between different castes a reality. Otherwise, it would have given place to other systems.

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And here lies the crux of present days caste-ist politics. Clans and tribes settled permanently in different parts of the country. Essay on casteless society - duration: 77 seconds 6 views 11 months ago 1:17 play next play now essay on casteless india- a pipe dream - duration: 77 seconds 59 views 11 months ago 1:17 play next play now features of argumentative essay - duration. They were directed to lead a simple life, devoted to the spiritual and intellectual e higher the caste within a Varna, the purer it was considered, and greater was the self-restrictions on its behavior through rituals. Scientific progress has endowed man with tremendous power both to preserve and destroy, but at slightest provocation, he does not hesitate to unleash destructive powers accessible ec303 term paper size to him. Caste was a flexible and fluid unit of Indian society. Caste and Hinduism succeeded in doing in India, what no state, no conqueror and no economy was able to do the establishment of a single unified system of society throughout the whole of India, a system of society, which was able to comprise a greater. Many castes of rural artisans, craftsman and traditional occupations abandoned their traditional work. The more sophisticated proponents of the dream theory explained that it is under the spell. The introduction of electoral politics, in the beginning of the 20th century gave rise to Power in numbers. The bottom 50 of the population fights for its share of a mere.1. Jana (a group of tribes) consisted of a number of such cantons, with a king as their ruler.

essay on casteless india - a pipe dream

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