Harmony and unity essay

harmony and unity essay

can play its role in building of unity among people. Moradabad Riots Occurred during the August 1980, these were partially a Hindu-Muslim clash and partially a Muslim-Police conflict. Staying together and helping each other is a part of our culture. The political leaders must be chosen with utmost caution. Factors Impacting Peace and Harmony The citizens of India largely live in harmony with each other.

In order to achieve these, a paradigm shift is necessary. Here is how harmony is maintained amid diversity and how to write a book review citation the factors that disrupt peace. Role of Sports and Films: During tournaments where a team represents a country, people across that nation unite in a spirit of unity and passion. Unity means being together. Total: 4 Average:. There is no hatred among citizens of such country and thus the crime rate is low. The British government was shaken by these events. However, families are drifting apart these days and people are forgetting the value of staying united.

The government as well as the citizens of the country must work together to bring about peace and harmony in the country. They controlled and tortured Indians for years. While through the first, a common curriculum binds together many minds and imparts an educational standard common across the nation which gives education a high standard in achieving equality in the long run, the second achieves national integration through jingoistic propagation which makes the standard.

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