Essay on rainstorm

essay on rainstorm

more together than he and the guys his own age did. Now I stand immersed in all sorts of emotions as I place a vibrant orange tiger lily next to the cross. It lifted the sand in the air and was violently throwing it into our faces so that it became impossible to breathe and open our eyes. I felt large, quick drops going down my spine, arms, and legs and washing the salt that ate into my hair.

Descriptive paper of a rainstorm Essay Example for Free

essay on rainstorm

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More Narrative Essay Examples. Only one handlebar could be seen above the mud. It was difficult to run because the air was whirling around us and we felt the sand and small rocks hitting our legs. As I went to retrieve some more fruit, a deafening boom that sounded as if a bomb had hit directly behind halted. So with a few belongings we trudged through knee-deep water towards a school situated on a hill nearby.

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