Is homework good or bad essay

is homework good or bad essay

created in 1614, France was split into 3 social classes, the clergy, the nobles, and everyone else. They dont have Internet connection or sometimes telecommunication. Furthermore, because of the advancement of technological innovation, we see that the price of ocean transportation is only a half compared to that in 1930, recent aircraft transportation 1/6, and cost only 1 in telecommunication today. Âthe emergence of the Internet as a tool of low-cost global connectivityâThis sudden revolution in connectivity constituted a major flattening force (Friedman, 2007). For example, someone in the United States can talk or email to someone in Cambodia.

Below mentioned are some of the positive and negative effects of homework on children. Homework is time consuming and causes children to stay up late, which makes them miserable. The number one reason why children in the uk do not get. If there was less homework, children would get good nights sleep and would be happy.

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The wars of Louis XIV has imposed crippling legacy of debt on the royal finances and although this burden was much alleviated by the great financial crash of, (The French revolution, by William Doyle). Most people cant stand the cruel treat of some religion that have done to them, so they wanted to let go of their religion and adopt foreign culture or religion. With the advantage of globalization, both parties such as individuals, firms other organization, nation, trading bloc, continents or other entities can get benefits in the economic exchange. This symbolic act Inspired many revolutionaries such as the Jacobins. Thus, according to the proof of globalization benefits mentioned above, we can conclude that the process of globalization is really fundamental in promoting the economic advancement not only in a nation but also in the whole world. The palace of Versailles cost over 2 billion.S dollars to build.