Essay on assimilate into american culture

essay on assimilate into american culture

make our culture so unique and diverse. Suddenly Ngugi had to learn English and couldnt speak the language of his people at school. I didnt do very well in school and some times got pushed around by the students who did not like the way I look, the way I act or something about me that they dont like. In the reading, The Chinese in All of Us (tcau one of the important assertions made by the author Richard Rodriguez, is how much American culture has been influenced by other cultures. As only an American way of life existed, Hispanics had to follow the same path of that of the white folks, but also were rarely competing with the dominating white race. For this reason, The American Dream is dreamt jorge luis borges autobiographical essay not only by natural born citizens of this nation, but by many people all around the world. At that time I believe that I was in the phrase of segregation. Rushdie believes that language is an essential part of expressing culture. Popular Essays Become a StudyMode Member Sign Up - It's Free). The media plays a pivotal role in sustaining Americas cultural imperialism.

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I can remember when desegregation occurred in our schools in Dallas; there was panic and fear among the adults. Elizabeth Wong details her journey to break with her culture and become Americanized in, The Struggle to be an all American girl. English is usually natural to Indians as it is fluently spoken in India itself. They think that cultural assimilation is very important part of linguistic assimilation as Language express cultural. In American society, learning to speak English properly is a crucial factor and is a form of assimilation. Essay about Culture Assimilation. Essay about American Culture. A community surrounds a person with people they can relate to and provides security and confidence. During the first 20 years after immigration all the religious functions were performed in the families' homes.

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