Essay - background of american indian

essay - background of american indian

the country of oldest civilizations in the world. This culture is best known for stone and earth dwellings. So, people here learn about their culture and tradition from birth. Both settlers and natives committed atrocities in the frontier warfare. In order to aware students about Indian culture, this topic is commonly assigned to the students to write essay on Indian culture.

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We celebrate our festivals according to our own rituals, keep fast, take bath in holy water of Gange, worship and pray to God, sing ritual songs, dance, eat delicious dinner, wear colourful dresses and other lots of activities. All the above Indian culture essay are written very simply worded to fulfill the students need and requirement. Everyone has good feeling about their hierarchy and feeling of honour, respect and rights to each other. However, despite this official hostility, the Congress continued to grow and lead the national movement against the colonial rule. The then Viceroy Lord Dufferin attacked the Congress leaders as disloyal babus, seditious Brahmins and violent villains. People follow variety of food culture like beaten rice, bonda, bread omlette, banana chips, poha, aloo papad, puffed rice, upma, dosa, edli, Chinese, etc. The vital components of the Indian culture are good manners, etiquette, civilized communication, rituals, beliefs, values, etc.

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essay - background of american indian