Long essay on communalism

long essay on communalism

happen. The situation worsened when the newly elected Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi, the son of Indira Gandhi was"d, When a big writing service in 1 hour tree falls, the ground beneath is sure to rumble. Their holiest shrine was turned into a bloody battlefield and innocent lives were lost. There is no reason for any endearment towards that old culture. It is a dual power that contests the legitimacy of the existing state power.

Essay on Communalism India Political Science
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The media blackout during the Operation Bluestar is a prime example of the same. After all, what was in that culture for it to be protected? The British government greatly encouraged rise of communalism in India by adopting various measures and design. Curfew is generally clamped for a few days following the violence in extreme cases. Believing that these systems destroy the environment by creating a 'grow or die' mentality and creating a large population of alienated citizens. For us India is our motherland and we should never allow communalism to spread its wings here. After the initial violence, when the news coverage of the attacks against the Muslims in Gujarat started to reflect badly on the state and central government, the leaders came down heavily on the journalists and media personnel. They are at the two poles in their culture.

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