Essay about life in the trenches

essay about life in the trenches

gales of wind it was such blustery weather. Many times men thesis statement on rape would shave their heads to prevent another prevalent scourge. They had failed in their objective to force France into and early surrender and rather than give up the land that they had gained they dug into the ground to secure their position and protect themselves from the Allie fire. In busy sectors the constant shellfire directed by the enemy brought on random death, it didnt matter whether their victims were lounging around in a trench or laying in a dugout.

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We have just come out of the trenches after being in for six days and up to our waists in water. Sometimes the dreams were bad things happening to the soldiers' family. The daily routine of life in the trenches would begin in the morning with stand to short for stand to arms. The smell in the trenches are horrific. I put up with the fear, the cold, the rats, the dead methodology of thesis survey bodies, the gas, the smell, the lice and the loud ringing in my ears from all the gun shots and bombs. When the soldiers got time to sleep, they sometimes had bad dreams and nightmares.

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